Sunday, April 09, 2006

Thank You For Smoking

This movie was great. I totally loved it. All the acting was superb, and the story line was excellent. As Nick Naylor, Aaron Eckhart was just snarky enough to be disgustingly lovable - he was so awesome. If this movie had come out a little later in the year, he'd be a Golden Globe contender for sure (with the comedy category, you know). His alcohol and firearms counterparts, Maria Bello and David Koechner, were FABULOUS. Maria was much better in this movie than in A History of Violence, and hotter, too. I'm considering her haircut for when I don't want long hair anymore.
I think my favorite part of the movie were the scenes with Rob Lowe and Adam Brody, playing a high-powered Hollywood agent and his assistant. Adam was delicious - he was so over-the-top eager, and Rob was the epitome of an agent cliche. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that William H. Macy said the long "c" word (my favorite swear word of all time, FYI). That's not something you see in every one of his movies, I guarantee!
Katie Holmes was kind of lame, but I think she's pretty lame in everything... and not that pretty. Why does she keep getting cast as the pretty ingenue? Something about her is less than plain to me. She's sort of... wide-eyed, in a scary way? Is it just me, or are her eyes REALLY far apart?
Now, I went into Thank You For Smoking having heard "this movie is SO funny. SOOOOO funny!", so I was expecting it to be really, really funny - like totally ridiculously funny. Well, let me dispel that myth. It's funny, really, really funny, and I certainly laughed out loud more than once, but it's not ridiculous at all. It's a thinking man's funny.
Trust me, you'll love it.

Thank You For Smoking - A

ps. yes, Charlie, I noticed the pie, but maybe only because you mentioned it first


Dustin J. Harder said...

huh....I really wanna see this film. And Katie Holmes-plain indeed....funny you should mention her eyes.
My issue with Mrs. Cruise-In that move "the gift" with Kate Blanchett she is in a scene with Greg Kinnear and she like towers over him....I dont know if thats the way they filemd it or if he's a midget or if she is a HUGEnormous woman! yes...dont really like her. I concur.

Patrick said...

I liked this movie as well.

I think Katie would have been fine if we didn't hate her so much now.

I loved Aaron Eckart. He makes me no-no zone tingle.

equippedtofascinate said...

Katie Holmes should go back to Ohio and never be heard from again. I want to see this movie really bad though.

patrick said...

Someone else is using my name. I am the lone "Patrick."

If you like ol' Bill Macy dropping the c-sucker bomb, just wait until "Edmond" comes out sometime this year. Or next year. Maybe. There is some restaurant-quality cursin' from our Billy. Also, I play the bartender.

Chargenda said...

Yeah, it isn't like slapstick funny. I agree with all your points. Bello is good. Holmes, not so. sorry to ruin the pie scene for you!

Senora Fuerte said...

I believe Katie Holmes is 5'11". Perhaps she should have been a Rockette and left us all alone.

Of course, I feel a little disloyal, because I did love Dawson's Creek... But that seems like a lifetime ago.

L1 said...

You are so cutting edge to see this much buzzed-about film.

Let's see....Aaron Eckhart, William H. Macy and frickin' Rob Lowe...I am SO THERE!

I can ignore Katie Holmes-Cruise (or whoever she is) as long as those three guys are in it.

Reel Fanatic said...

Good review ... I love a movie with great dialogue, which this promises to be .. going to see it today and really looking forward to it