Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hair Accessories

Target really let me down today. I was doing some last minute wedding accoutrement shopping, and was looking for some cute bobby pins or a fancy ponytail holder, something that I could use to make my hair look cute - and Target had nothing. They had plenty of trendy jewelry (I bought a big bead necklace), but no good hair accessories. Then, I tried Sally Beauty Supply, thinking they wold have something. I mean, they're a beauty supply store, they're supposed to have good barrettes and stuff! But they only had crap. Lots of fake hair, but none of it matched my hair, and it was either cuper curly or super spiky. So then I tried The Icing - it's an accessories store, and it's Prom season, so surely they'll have what I'm looking for, right? Nope. Lots of stuff, nothing good. I bought two things to try, but I thought I'd see what else the mall had to offer me.

And then I went to this crazy little kiosk in the middle of the mall, staffed by a heavily-made up Korean woman and a tiny blonde in a weird suit. Both of these ladies had about seven or eight fancy hair products EACH in their hair - the kiosk was selling Korean made, Austrian crystal-adorned hair accessories. Some of them were crazy - jeweled Hello Kitty barrettes, anyone? - but some of them were beautiful, and I left with a ponytail holder with this gorgeous black crystal flower attached. It might sound strange, but it's stunning, and I'll be able to do my own hair at Pat and Nat's wedding on Friday. Yay for me.

Target hair accessories - C-
Sally Beauty Supply hair accessories - D
The Icing hair accessories - B-
Korean/Austrian kiosk hair accessories - A-


equippedtofascinate said...

Amanda's blog, A+

Dustin J. Harder said...

amanda getting stressed freaks me out a little.

Jules said...

Hi Amanda, I read your blog about your hair accessory dilemma. I just designed and manufactured a line of molded rubber barrettes that are pretty cool, very modern and colorful. They lack the typical crystal, over-done, gaudiness that seems to be everywhere now, but rather relies on pattern, texture and a novel use of an old material.
My website is I am just now working on the site and the barrettes will be posted within a week or so. If you want to see the collection in advance I would be happy to send you jpegs. Incidentially, I have tried to market them to Target and received a rejection e-mail today saying they have a contract with Goody/Connair. I actually sent the link from your blog to the hair accessories buyer there so they can see what people out there think of their assortment!