Saturday, April 15, 2006

The One With The Proposal

Yesterday was one of those days where plans fall through, so I went to Blockbuster and rented some DVDs of Friends. I had never seen The One That Could Have Been, with successful Joey, stockbroker Phoebe and fat Monica, so I made sure I got that one, but I also got The One With The Proposal, my most favorite Friends episode. I'm a little bit romantic, so when Chandler walks into the apartment and Monica's standing there with all the candles lit, I get all teary and smiley. Oh, Chandler and Monica! I hope they and their twins are doing okay. There are so many other good things in the episode, too - Joey and his boat, the Mister Beaumont? So funny. Actually, Joey's the best part of the episode. I feel like Joey shows just how good an actor he is when he convinces Chandler that Monica is gone... and when Monica says "You wanted it to be a surprise" and Chandler turns to look at Joey, and Joey makes that little face? Oh, Joey! I love you!
Worst part of the episode? Chandler's hair. It's so gross. He needed a haircut this season.

The One With The Proposal - A


Meggie Justine said...

Oh, that is such a good episode! I definitely agree about Chandler's hair...but that was when Matthew Perry was struggling pretty badly with drug addiction so I give him a little bit of a break. Such a good disc, The One That Could Have Been is so funny. Fat Monica dancing with the donut at the end is my favorite part and "I have bad news," "Did you sit on my KitKats!?" Oh, Friends. How I love you and miss you.
<3 Me

mama kay said...

I got teary just reading your discription of it .. it is one of my favorites - right up there with The One With the Prom Video .. I miss them too! I got the 1st season on DVD and still cry when I watch! Dopey me!

Bethro said...

I love the one with the prom video! My favorite episode ever is still the one where Ross and Rachel kiss inside the coffee shop after they argue about their feelings for each other. She turns around and he's at the door and she goes over to unlock it and it gets stuck, briefly. I love that episode.

equippedtofascinate said...

Mamakraft, I thought you wrote the one with the porn video. That's actually one of my favorites, where they think Phoebe is doing porn, but it's actually Ursula, so they all think it's okay to watch.