Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Swinging Arms

Have you ever noticed the crazy way some people swing their arms when they walk? I know everyone does it, but some people just have a more pronounced swing than others. I saw a guy the other day whose arms crossed all the way in front of his body - both arms going the same direction in front, rather than one arm going forward and one going back. Today, I saw a girl doing the same thing, except somehow she threw herself off and did a sort of arm stutter, and she got all flustered and started over. It was so weird.

I don't get it. My arms just swing the normal way, opposite the leg in front, a little forward. Anyone out there have an abnormal arm swing that they'd like to share?

crazy arms - C

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paultoes said...

what about people whose arms don't move at all and just stay stuck at their side? that's scary to me.