Thursday, October 05, 2006


I am totally obsessed with Stardoll. Totally obsessed. I found out about it from The Gilded Moose, this new celebrity gossip blog that I've been reading. Basically, Stardoll is Internet celebrity paper dolls. There are hundreds of dolls to choose from, and each doll has clothes choices - so you get to put your doll in whatever kooky get-up you like. I've already made dolls of: Tyra Banks, Kelly Clarkson, Bjork, Cher, Lindsay Lohan, and Fergie. I'm working on my Lil Kim doll right now. She's amazing.

This rendition of Paris Hilton is from The Gilded Moose - for some reason, I can't capture any of the ones I did. Which is too bad, because I really want to share them with you. However, if you're looking for a completely amazing waste of time, then sign up (for free!) here, and you can search for me - I am, of course, naivehelga.

The only problem I have with Stardoll is sometimes, the layering of the clothes doesn't work like I want it to. How can I make an accurate Mary-Kate Olson if the jackets and skirts won't layer?

Stardoll - A


Timmy D said...

are you sure mary kate isn't just turned the wrong way, and that's why you can't see any of the clothes?

Bethro said...


christa said...

thanks a lot..... now i'm hooked.

equippedtofascinate said...

I am laughing so hard at you right now. Mainly because of your choice of people that you chose to dress. I love you.

Bethro said...

I am having difficulty making the jeans I got for my gal actually fit her body. So, are things things ALWAYS this reflective of real life?

amandarama said...

Christa and Bethro, you've got to add me as a friend!

Anonymous said...

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