Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New 7 Wonders

Have you heard about this? I love it. There's only one original wonder of the world left, so this German film producer/author/aviator (basically, a guy with a ton of money) set out to pick seven new wonders. I think the only requirement is that it had to be built (or discovered) before 2000. And there's online voting. So I voted.

Here's who I voted for:
Acropolis, Greece
Christ Redeemer, Brazil (pictured above)
Great Wall, China
Kremlin/St. Basil's, Russia
Petra, Jordan
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Stonehenge, United Kingdom

I think that most of these things have withstood the test of time (particularly the Pyramids - Mama won't leave you out, you original wonder, you) and have come to represent more than just their physical form. That is, six of them have. I voted for Christ Redeemer because it is totally amazing and I am fascinated by it. Of all the 21 finalists, it's the one I most want to see live and in person.

You can vote, too, you know - do it here.

New 7 Wonders - A


Bethro said...

Cool. I'm going to vote.

equippedtofascinate said...

I'm really confused. i thought stonehenge and the great wall were considered 2 of the 7 wonders already. I guess I'm just really stupid. Did you know that Kimberly Locke sang a song about the 8th world wonder? I know you do, I just wanted to tie that in.

patrick said...

I'm writing in the Porsche 911. Here's a car that has more or less remained the same for over 40 years, undergoing only evolutionary improvements. Here's a car that has been the platform for the VAST majority of the truly successful production-based race cars in those 40 years. Here's a car with a seemingly insurmountable design flaw (that whole rear weight bias thing) that has in actuality only added to the car's appeal (call it a charming idiosyncracy. Just keep both hands on the wheel, yuppie scum.) Here's a car that everybody's mother recognizes. Screw the personal computer...the Porsche 911 is THE engineering triumph of the 20th century.

ryan d said...

Angkor Wat, anyone?

amandarama said...

Ryan, I thought about Angkor Wat, but Petra edged it out - that shit was built by water!