Friday, October 20, 2006

Project Runway Season Finale

Well. After a long season full of ups, downs, crazy hats and tiny dogs, Jeffrey was crowned Project Runway king... and he deserved it. His final collection was stunning. Cohesive, cute, not quite everyday but not as over-the-top as Laura's. And I believe that he made those clothes himself. I thought long and hard about it, and it seems to me like what he said in season finale part 1 is true - it's Bryant Park. It could launch his entire career. Why half-ass it? The designers had two months - TWO MOTNHS! That's not much time at all. So that had to make every day count. I was really surprised when Michael had hardly anything done when Tim came to his house a month before Fashion Week. Good for Jeffrey and his time management skills to get all those buttons sewn on before he got to New York. Now, did he have an advantage? Absolutely - did you see his work space? Little Michael was working on two tiny sewing machines, and Jeff had those big beautiful industrial ones. He probably had twelve or thriteen dress forms and could leave things up as he worked on them - and little Michael only had one, and had to keep taking his pieces off and on. So yes, Jeff had an advantage, but I don't think he had someone else sew his clothes.
To Uli, Laura and Michael - your day will come. Someone's going to buy your clothes. I promise.

I'm so sad for Nazri. Marilinda is cute, and she has a hell of a walk, but Nazri is FIERCE. Shewould have been fierce in that insane Jublilee Jumbles outfit of Angela's. Nazri, you don't need me to be pulling for you, because you're going to be HUGE.

Project Runway - A+


Dustin J. Harder said...
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Casey said...

Thanks for the review! I'll watch the episode when I get home, jsut to look at all the pretty dresses! ;)