Monday, October 30, 2006

The Psychic Is In

Back in March, I posted this. Beat that, Miss Cleo!

Reese and Ryan have "officially separated," which is kind of sad. I mean, for a girl from a small town in Tennessee with such luscious breasts (was Mama nursing?) to give up such a handsome movie star must have been heart-wrenching. Or wait... could it be that her star was rising and his was falling, and she just didn't need his bullshit anymore, because she's going STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!? Who can say?

Best of luck to you both.

stars going Splitsville - B
getting the newsbreak from my friend in Philly - A


Bethro said...

UGH. This is depressing to me. Why why why does anyone in hollywood even get married??? Seriously folks! If I was making more $$ than my husband, he'd be like, "that's awesome! Can I quit now and just let you support us?"

Peach said...

I'm totally bummed.
Although, I loved Walk The Line so much that I could really believe her as Joaquin Phoenix's love interest... but I'm way too into movie hook-ups.