Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lost Bloggers

I used to read this blog by a gal named MamaKraft. What I loved about reading her blog was that I didn't know her. It wasn't extra insight into the life of someone I already knew - I was forging a bond with a woman who lived across the country. And I didn't even know her real name.

Now she's gone. Her anonymity was compromised, and she's vanished into cyberlandm, taking her URL with her - without telling me of her whereabouts! Come back, Mama. I miss you.

the strange disappearance of MamaK - F


christa said...

If you find her will you let me know please?

queenb2u said...

I agree, where are you Mama?

Meggie Justine said...

This is what I get when I Google images you:

<3 MC

christa said...

mamak contacted me through email. she doesn't have your email address but she wanted me to tell you that she is still reading your blog. she is still reading queenb2u also. anything else you want to know... email me at

equippedtofascinate said...

Is she still reading equippedtofascinate though? She always made me happy.