Sunday, October 01, 2006

NaiveHelga vs. Chargenda

Since yesterday was wedding number 44, and Chargenda and I were both there, we thought it would be fun to do a point/counterpoint he said/she said-type thing. Of course, I don't know if he'll actually deliver, so maybe he'll take this as a challenge.

Here are the high points from my perspective: I got to see Char, which doesn't happen very often. That was for sure the highest of the high points (love you, Char!). I got paid to sing, which is always fantastic. Nate and I went out of town - hooray for gooing out of town, whatever the reason. I got to wear my fabulous ribbon dress. And, the bride and groom got married. Now, this may not seem like a "high point," because that is what typically happens at weddings, and there was never any doubt that they would go through with it, but I'm always a little bit nervous that the wedding is going to be cancelled at the last minute. And this one wasn't.

OK, now the low points: this event definitely made the top five list of worst experiences to happen to me as a singer (I'll tell you some of the others sometime if you're lucky). I had to use a mic, which I hate, and the DJ ran the keyboard sound through his system, and the result was a sound that defies description. I sounded fine. The piano sounded horrible. Eventually, the trumpet player pulled the plug on the DJ's equipment, and the pianist and I carried along and sounded significantly better. But for about three minutes, it was really, really painful and horrible and scary and ridiculous. I don't even know if anyone was able to laugh at it. Other low points: Nate and I were definitely at a "B-list" table, and there was a lot of uncomfortable preachiness. Oh, and not a lot of alcohol.

So let's see what Chargenda has to say about it.

my grade - B- (oooh, it's sort of like Glieberman and Schwarzbaum in Entertainment Weekly!)


Ashley said...

You look great in this pic! I love

Ashley said...

I love how I stopped writing, logged in and posted that without finishing my thought for some reason...

I love that dress on you and you're hair looks lovely. I'm sorry to hear about the whole singing disaster. I can't wait for the full details later.

Meggie Justine said...

Manda, you so hot! :)

Chargenda said... was funzies to see you baby!

Chargenda said... was funzies to see you baby!

patrick said...

Good hair, good dress...lookin' good, Sis. Whatcha drinkin' there?