Saturday, September 02, 2006

V for Vendetta

Nate and I had been wanting to see V for Vendetta when it came out in the movie theater, but we're moviegoers on a budget, so instead we opted to see Slither (which, as you may recall, we loved). Nate's into movies adapted from comic books/graphic novels, and I've gotten into them, too, so there were high hopes for V for Vendetta, and a couple days ago, we finally rented it.

And it was fine. Certainly not the best movie I've seen recently, but also not the worst. Natalie Portman's accent was not awesome, but her character was pretty good. Stephen Rea was really good as the detective on the case, and Hugo Weaving as "V" was kind of amazing. I like actors who can do their thing behind a mask and still make something of their character.

Two things bothered me, and I can't get past them: there was footage of Baby Jessica being pulled from the well, circa 1986, but they used it as an image out of time to show how things had disintegrated in the US. I think it was a bad choice. That image is burned into my head as "Baby Jessica being pulled from the well," and I think a lot of other people remember it, too. They should have used some footage that's a little more vague. Also, the last ten minutes of the movie are totally cheesy. Cheesy music, cheesy sentimentality, cheesy camera shots, and a super super cheesy final speech from Miss Portman. Give me a break. Lay off the fromage.

V for Vendetta borders on being a thinking-man's action movie, but it doesn't quite get there - probably because there's not quite enough thinking or quite enough action.

V fof Vendetta - C+


mama kay said...

I had no desire to see this one before and you have just confirmed it for me. As usual! :o)

Rocesbeat said...

I thought V was better than most comic movies, but the end did trail off. Though, I have always been mildly anti-gov't.

About the MySpace pic. That is a straight photo. No Photoshop used except to crop and color correct.

bethro said...

Steven really wants to see this movie. You've gotten me really wanting to see Little Miss Sunshine. I forget it's not out yet!

Chargenda said...

i just watched this, too. And I no longer need to do a review, cuz your view if pretty much on point with mine, but I think I am more like a b-. My new favorite grade for stuff.

amandarama said...

I'm a big believer in the B-. It shows that a movie is still above average, but not by much.