Thursday, September 07, 2006

Project Runway

What a great challenge. Make something pretty, by hand, not out of garbage or with a matching accessory for a dog? Good move, Bravo. It was time for us to see our designers working like designers.

I think Uli should have won. Yes, she did what she always does, a long, flowy, halter-y number, but this one was sophisticated and subdued, and she did a lot of hand work. It was stunning. Jeff's dress (you can see it in the background) was awesome, but I think Uli edged him out. But what do I know?

I'm not disappointed that my prediction for the week (Kayne out) was wrong. Vincent just rode that crazy train a little too long, and it was TIME FOR HIM TO GO. Also, what was up with not following the theme of the challenge? Glue? Please. I'm sorry he cashed in his 401K, but his time on the show - and perhaps in the fashion industry altogether - is over.

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm looking forward to Laura's little meltdown next week. Can you imagine the pressure she's under coupled with the hormonal changes of pregnancy? She's got to be a wreck. And she needs to change up her look and style, before she goes home too early for doing the same things over and over. I'm still betting on Michael, Laura and Jeff, but Laura could be on the verge of going home. Hang in there, Laura!

Project Runway - A-


christa said...

My favorite was Kayne's dress. I want it in white for my wedding!

queenb2u said...

Ohhh. I love the dress pictured.

bethro said...

That dress is pretty!

Patrick said...

i also can't wait for laura to melt down. she is so tightly wound.

it is getting very interesting on project run(s)way.