Thursday, September 14, 2006

Project Runway

When I found out that the challenge was to design a black-and-white dress, my first thought was "Well, Laura's going to win, since all she ever designs is black-and-white." Now, I'm not saying that this dress isn't adorable, and a welcome change from all the "mature" things she's been designing, and I love Camilla, her model. I'm just saying that Laura had a bit of an edge since she was used to working with a minimal palette.
I think Entertainment Weekly summed it up best in their "What to Watch" section - "Admit it: You just want this season over so you can buy Michael's line." Everything the man designs is gold.
It's not awesome that Vincent's model got in a bike accident, but you know what? I thought she was gross and not pretty at all. Of course, that weirdo that Vincent had to use in Jia's place was truly ugly. She looked like a bad drag queen.
Tomorrow is the real life Project Runway show at Olympus Fashion Week. I won't spoil anything for you (unless you ask really nicely), but I'll be looking at the pictures to see if I can determine who made the top three. In case you don't know, Bravo and Project Runway have all four designers who are still in the running on the show when Fashion Wekk actually happens show collections. So, even though one of them is actually out, to fool the press, Michael, Laura, Uli and Jeff will all be showing collections tomorrow. And Jay, Malan and Michael Kors all showed collections today. Super exciting.

Project Runway - A


mama kay said...

the dress is great if you weigh under 98 pounds .. otherwise, it just isn't going to work - especially if you have hips!

Ashley said...

I hear you on Javi, the model that Vincent had to use. That's who Jeffery used for the first couple of weeks--he even chose to stay with her! I thought she looked like a dinosaur. Jia was gross too though--ugh. I definatley could have gone without another Vincent sighting.

lovelylisa23 said...

I thought Michael should have won. I think Laura's a good designer, she needs to branch out. We've seen her look, and it's what she wheres everytime on the runway to be judged.