Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Run Away! Run Away!

Yesterday, Nate and I made a quick stop at Game Stop, home of all things video game. Nate needed to trade in an old one and get a new one, and since we had just dropped my car off to get some work done, I was at his mercy for errands. Well, I was looking around, and I walked up to a section where the sales girl had just been reshelving. Nate walked up, too, and just as he was reaching my side, I smelled the worst fart smell I have ever experienced. It was unbelievable nasty. So Nate walks up, and I cast him a sidelong glance and laugh - in horror. He looked at me, totally grossed out, and we walked in separate directions. After much standing around, the sales girl finally checked us out, and we left the store. After we were a safe distance away from the door, Nate looked at me and said:

"Dude, you're nasty."

HE BLAMED ME! HE BLAMED ME! I said "Nuh-unh, buddy, that wasn't me, it was the sales girl." Nate said "Liar!" And I said "Seriously. That was not me. She farted and ran away from it." Nate said, "You looked at me and giggled." I said "Right - because it was gross. It wasn't me. It was the sales girl."

And Nate said "Sick."


super gross sales girl farts - F


Timmy D said...

Does Helga take requests? I need some major work on the Kia... let me (or everyone) know how it goes???

Netterz said...

HAHA that is possibly THE best story I have ever read on this page! Good Job!

equippedtofascinate said...

I would have taken credit for it.

casey said...

That is hilarious!

Peach said...


Chargenda said...

What makes it gross is that Nate thought that you took credit for it by your giggle.