Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sports Night

Once upon a time, a young woman lived a cold, cold life. She didn't know joy. She didn't know happiness. She didn't know the best writing on television.

She didn't know Sports Night.

And then, a benefactor appeared, saying "I've told you about Sports Night for years. Just borrow my DVDs." The girl tried to refuse, saying, "I'm not going to have time to watch TV." The benefactor said "They're only 27 1/2 minutes long each. Just take 'em."

And I did.

And my life has never been better. This show is completely awesome. It's very West Wing (which makes sense, considering that the Schlamme/Sorkin brain trust developed it) with fast dialogue and conversations in hallways, but it's easy to follow and very funny - with some brilliant eloquent speeches thrown in, of course, to keep the smart people entertained. I totally love it. I realize it's been off the air for almost seven years, and if it were still going, then Six Feet Under, The West Wing, and Desperate Housewives would have been very different shows, but I'm kind of sad that the 20 episodes I have left to watch are the only other 20 episodes ever. I want there to be more. I NEED there to be more. Good thing Grey's Anatomy starts this week, 'cause when Sports Night is over, I'm going to need something to fill my TV time.

Watch this show. Rent it if you can, buy it if you must.

Sports Night - A+


Ashley said...

Every time I watched and raved about The West Wing, my brother would say "Remember Sports Night? That was really good too! Actually it was great. Excellent in fact."

Thanks Seth. Yet another thing that the two of you can agree on. Speaking of Seth, he's moving to New Orleans on me. Yeah, I know. New Orleans. Who the hell knows.

Did you watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip the new Sorkin/Schlamme production? I was underwhelmed, but I'll give it another chance since its on Monday and nothing else is.

mama kay said...

ohhh .. I am so going to have to check this out. For once, something that the husband and I can watch together...

Macy said...

Did you catch the new Schlamme/Sorkin baby? Studio 60 in the Sunset Strip is WONDERFUL!

amandarama said...

I miss Studio 60 - since it will probably only last two or three seasons, I'll wait about eight years, then watch it all at once on DVD.

Hilary said...

I'd give Sports Night AAA+++ - or higher - if I could. A lot of people rave about Aaron Sorkin's writing, but it'd be nothing if it wasn't served by a good cast, and with Josh Charles (who made Danny my favourite TV character of all time), Peter Krause, Felicity Huffman and Robert Guillaume on board, the show was truly blessed. I've seen the pilot episode of Studio 60, and it's just a pale imitation.