Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What the Hail?

Normally, I would say writing about the weather was lame - but this was out of control. There was an insane hailstorm at about 4:45 today. It was crazy. Aside from the lightning, thunder, and torrential rains, there was hail, trying to render me unconscious and put dents in my car. And I don't own an umbrella. I have never seen anything like it before in my life.

And right now, there was just another huge clap of thunder and the computer screen got a little weird. Is God punishing me for returning to Interlochen?

hailstorms - B- (cool, but a little scary)


Meggie Justine said...

Call me baaaack!

equippedtofascinate said...

I love storms. I was driving back to work after lunch today and almost went off the road because I was watching lightening across an open field.

Ashley said...

I got to wear my new rain boots today due to the "storm." I continued to be bummed that I got excessed and I hope to talk to you soon. I hope that you survived the storm and that the Mitzubishi survived it too! I'm drunk enough that I have to squint to see this message... i'm drunk. sorry.