Sunday, June 11, 2006

Detroit Popcorn

Detroit Popcorn is so AWESOME!!! I went to Detroit Popcorn today to pick up popcorn tubs, since for some reason our cup distributor is unable to provide them to us this summer. It's not my job to know why. At any rate, I volunteered to drive to Detroit to the magical land of all things concession, Detroit Popcorn - and let me tell you, this place has everything you could ever possibly need if you were going to host a carnival in your backyard, school parking lot, wedding reception, or production of Grease. In the fifteen minutes I was in Detroit Popcorn, I saw:
popcorn makers
snow cone makers
cotton candy makers
slushie machines
nacho cheese/chili dispensers
warming trays for nacho chips
big plastic lemonade cups with bendy straws
frozen sausages
every size and shape of popcorn tubs
hot dog cookers
pre-fab cotton candy in plastic bins
and countless other goodies

And the staff was so friendly and helpful - a very nice man loaded my four huge boxes of popcorn tubs into my car for me.

Detroit Popcorn is a little island of happiness in an otherwise shady part of town. From now on, they're my only supplier of concession needs.

Detroit Popcorn - 94% - yep, this one gets a number grade. It's a solid A, albeit a low one. Why? NO CLAW MACHINE. I feel this is a key element to any successful carnival, and it should be something that Detroit Popcorn carries for rentals. However, the absence of a claw machine certainly isn't enough to lower Detroit Popcorn to an A-. Therefore, a solid but low A. Nice work, Detroit Popcorn.


equippedtofascinate said...

I LOVE claw machines. You already knew that though. Have you ever used a cotton candy machine? Those are so much fun, it should be illegal.

timmy said...

I dunno Mandy... think about renting a claw machine. Then you have to buy a buttload of stuffed animals, or, in some cases, lobster. What do you do with the leftovers?

bethro said...


Ashley said...

I had no idea what you were talking about when you said "claw machines" until I read the comments. I too love claw machines. My 16th birthday was a bad bad bad one, but the thing that made it not worth killing myself over was that for the first time, I won something in a claw machine. And I didn't only win once, I won twice. It was a birthday miracle.