Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sex and the City

I only have three more weeks before I head up to my summer job at Interlochen, so I've been really, really lazy - no cleaning around the house, no returning phone calls, sleeping in, and hardly any experiences worthy of blogging. I apologize to you avid readers. I guess I'm going to have to start writing about the really mundane things in my life. Wanna hear about my dirty hair, or would you rather learn about the floor that needs to be vaccuumed?
The most exciting thing going on for me right now is I've been watching a lot of Sex and the City. I think I've said before how awesome TV on DVD is. You don't have to wait a whole week (or months, now that we're on summer hiatus) to see the next episode. If you feel like having a marathon, just pop in the DVD and you've got several episodes right at your fingertips. So good. I love DVDs.
But back to SATC. I didn't watch it when it was on TV. I didn't have good cable, and also, I didn't know that it was only a half-hour show. I thought I was going to have to track down someone with HBO and dedicate myself to another whole hour of television a week - and I definitely didn't have that kind of time in college. But SATC ushered me in to the delights of TV on DVD. The episodes are such joyous little nuggets. I love how short they are, and they're funny with a fabulous touch of poignancy. I'm in season 5 right now. Charlotte's divorced, Miranda has a baby, Samantha's had her heart broken, and Carrie's searching for the meaning in her life. I love it. I don't think of myself as relating to any lady in particular - I get annoyed with the girls who say "Oh, I'm so Carrie! I'm so Charlotte!" - but I see a little of myself in each of them. Maybe it's for the best that I didn't watch it when I was closer to 20 than 30.

Sex and the City - A-


mama kay said...

A friend gave me the first season of Desperate Housewives and I totally did the DH marathon ... even my husband go into it. It is soo much better to watch that way. I have avoided reading anything about this season so I can wait and watch it all at the same time!

equippedtofascinate said...

I never got into this show. However, I do want to hear all about your dirty hair.

L1 said...

Mr. Big: Me Likey.

I always have had a soft spot for gorgeous, sardonic cads who leave me hanging.

But speaking of shallow: I like Carrie's look and wardrobe in Season #3 the best. She gets a little too weird sometimes with the mix-and-match couture.

You have a lot of great treats in store for you with the rest of the series. Just lay on the couch with your dirty hair and enjoy!

patrick said...

My theory of SATC: Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha do not exist. Carrie Bradshaw invented them as literary devices to represent various aspects of her own personality (i.e. marriage freak, career woman, slut.) In essence, they are her imaginary friends.

Next time you watch SATC, do it with this theory in mind and see what you think.