Friday, June 30, 2006

Table Topping

The word of the day is table topping. Can you say it with me? Good!
Except, not so good. Here's what it means, if you're in junior high: you get two people working together against a third person. While one person talks face-to-face with the third guy, the second guy sneaks up behind the third guy and gets down on his hand and knees. Then, the first guy either pushes the third guy, or just makes it so the thrid guy turns around... and trips over backwards over the guy who's on his hands & knees. Got it? The second guy's back is making a "table top," and the third guy has nowhere to go but over the third guy's back.
Here's where it gets messy: some junior high boys did this to another junior high boy last night during a vicious game of capture the flag, in some sort of expression of dislike carried over from last summer - and the kid that got table topped broke his arm. So now, one kid (who is in my acting technique class) has a broken arm, and two kids (one of whom was a lead in the intermediate musical) are getting sent home from camp.
junior high boys - C-
table topping - B- (points for effectiveness, I guess)


Dustin J. Harder said...

table topping is two words sweetie.

and it sucks when something like that goes all a muck.

i remember this one time in junior high choir i pulled a chair out from under someone...what iof they had broken their like tail bone or something. Those floors were HARD! No harm done.

Another time when I was a junior at John Glenn High School, I slapped Christian in the head witha HUGE dictionary...what if I caused him some brain trauma or something?

Thanks god no pranks of mine caused anybody long term damage.

mama kay said...

yuck! That is just mean, mean, mean. I was a tomboy in grade school and kind of tough, so while oplaying didge ball the boys decided to gang up on me to get me out .. they broke my arm - it has never healed right (my own fault, but still ...) why are kids so mean?

Meggie Justine said...

Drama in Junior Boys! Ha ha, junior highschoolers are dumbasses. Call me baaaack!
<3 Obnoxious Me

equippedtofascinate said...

Funny, my brother and his friend did this to me last weekend. I landed on my neck and had intense pain all week long down my entire back. All is back to normal now though.