Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cottage Living

I usually don't even remember how much I like Cottage Living. It's not a magazine that registers on my radar... but Nate's mom reads it, so there are numerous copies around the house. Cottage Living is such a relaxing magazine. No articles about war or pestilence or famine, but plenty of information on yard sales and wainscotting and trellises. My favorite feature is the "classic/bold/simple/trendy" comparison (I think the last one is trendy, but it might be something else). CL will take four or five items that fit a theme and then show you what you could get to fit each of those styles. For example, last month's issue has a storage bench, wall shelf, umbrella and rain boots in the four styles. VERY cute.

The only thing I don't like about Cottage Living is that there's a lot of garden stuff. I don't have a garden, and I'm not really in to being outside, so all the stuff about which flowers to plant to accentuate your cottage isn't important to me. I'll admit that the gardens in some of these cottages are quite beautiful, but I'd rather read about the houses and the shopping.

Cottage Living has inspired me to go to Block Island, which is near Rhode Island, I think. It looks beautiful. And I could see lighthouses, which I like.

Cottage Living - B+

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