Thursday, June 22, 2006

The 40-Year Old Virgin

So, I saw this movie. Pretty much everyone I know had said to me that it was really, really funny. Well, it wasn't that funny. I mean, it was a funny movie, and I don't feel like it was a waste of time or money, but really, I didn't love it.
You'd think that, since I like Steve Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, and Elizabeth Banks a whole lot, I would have loved it. But I didn't. It was just a little stupid for me. There's nothing wrong with that, and if you loved it, I applaud your love, but it just wasn't for me. I can't say anything stronger than that. It just wasn't for me.
Sometimes I think that "unrated" versions ruin movies. I didn't see this movie in theater, but it seemd very long sitting watching it at home, and maybe there's a reason they cut out those 17 additional minutes. At any rate, I usually want my opinion to sway you, but not for this. See it if you want. Don't see it if you don't want.

The 40-Year Old Virgin - B-


mama kay said...

Once again, I am so grateful that you critique these things for me ... I would think that I'd like it too based on the cast, but so far your opinions have been right on with mine.

bethro78 said...

I like the silly/stupid movies that have been coming out, but for some reason I've had no desire at all to see this movie. I bet I would probably think the same way you do about it if I did see it.

Peach said...

I have no desire to see this movie.
I also won't rent 'unrated' movies anymore. I've been burned one too many times by them.

Chargenda said...

I saw it. I laughed.

Do you find yourself wanting to start every post with "So," I have to stop myself from it sometimes.

Dustin J. Harder said...

i think it was talked up to much to you.

amandarama said...

Yes, Charlie, I often find myself using "So" and "Well" tp start a lot of posts. Maybe that could be my new gimmick.