Monday, May 15, 2006


I have lots of exciting things to write about - new books, new websites, random thoughts on various subjects - but after watching last night's Grey's Anatomy, everything else got shoved to the backburner. It was Out. Of. CONTROL. So many things - where to begin? Please note: if you don't watch it, you can skip naivehelga for the next day or two.
OK, let's start with Izzy and Denny. WTF, Izzy? YOU ARE GOING TO GET KICKED OUT OF THE PROGRAM. Love can make you do crazy things, I know, but do not stop a man's heart. That's insane. And what was she thinking, bringing George into it? If he gets kicked out of the program, I am going to be pissed.
And how about George and Callie? I LOVE Callie (I already established that), and I love her and George together. He wants her to be part of the family! She told him she loves him! I think he wanted to tell her, but then Crazy Izzy had to come in and pull George into her crazy world. I think tonight's episode will be critical for George and Callie, but I have high hopes that it's going to go well.
Oh, didn't I mention that the second and third hours of the season finale are airing tonight, Monday, instead of next Sunday? I don't think I could handle it if I had to wait a week. I believe that this is ABC's way of testing GA on Monday, but I don't think they'll get accurate results with this test. If you watch it on Sundays, and the one Monday night they "test" is the two-hour season finale, you bet your sweet ass that people will watch.
So then there's Meredith and Derek and Addison. And Finn. And McSteamy. This is so complicated, it reminds me of Tech Band. HA! Addison wants to make it work with Derek, but deep down, she knows it's never going to work. He's in love with Meredith. And Meredith's in love with him! So karma would say that they should be together, but that wouldn't be good TV, so we'll just have to suffer through them longing for each other and being with the wrong people for a little while longer.
Finally, if Dr. Burke doesn't make it... well, I'll keep watching, but I might cry every episode. Cristina will be a wreck, Derek will be a wreck, Izzy will be a wreck (because if Burke hadn't been coming back to fix her crazy I'm-going-to-stop-my-love's-heart mess, he wouldn't have been outside when the gunman started shooting), Bailey will be a wreck, the chief, George, you name it. And I love Burke. He's so good. Just a good, good guy. He doesn't deserve to die. I'll be pulling for you, Burke - until 9 PM, when I get to see what happens. I might poop my pants between now and then, just thinking of what could happen.

By the way, just what the hell is Sandra Oh wearing around her neck in this picture?

Grey's Anatomy - A+


equippedtofascinate said...

Your post just summed up why I don't watch this show. Stopping someone's heart because you're in love with someone, gunmen, etc. Are these supposed to be real life situations that doctors face?

amandarama said...

No. As my friend (and real life doctor) Shannon put it so well, this is a nighttime soap opera. It just happens to be set in a hospital. And I'm OK with that.

Chargenda said...

Yeah, because the rest of TV is so realistic. Lightten up Scottie!

So, yeah, it was crazy. I don't like Callie though and don't think George loves her at all. I think Izzy is crazy and was let down by her acting in this episode. And I like Addison now and am routing for her. But, despite all this, I still love the show a ton. can't wait for tonight!

mama kay said...

I'm so glad I have you to fill me in! I have only been able to watch a couple of times (again the no cable thing) and I think it is a fairly cool show .. so I look forward to your updates!

casey said...

Oh my God. I totally jumped out of my chair at the end of the show last night!

I love Callie - hello, she is a Tony award winner! I love Addison!

I can't wait.

equippedtofascinate said...

Charlie, under no circumstances is anyone allowed to call me Scottie...EVER!

Ashlee said...

Oh. MY. GOD!!!! Just finished the 2 hour season finale. Thoughts, please.

Ashley said...

When Burke walks into the operating room where the other surgeon is about to cut the guy open for his heart, Burke says "Don't cut anything with that scalpel. Not even an inch."

What a stupid line. Seriously. No one would say that. Sometimes, I wish the writing on this show was better, but I'm still hooked despite the fact that I constantly roll my eyes while watching it.