Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grey's Anatomy... Again

SPOILERS! If you haven't seen it and want to, under no circumstances should you read this!

Well, Burke made it through. Kind of. His hand is a little wonky, and I imagine he'll never be able to be a surgeon again. Which is sad, because he was very good and he loved it. I think it's important that, a couple episodes ago, he said "I'm a person first." He'll get through this, and it looks like with Cristina by his side, but I think it will be a tough road. I can't wait for the scene where he tells Derek that his hand is effed up. Derek will probably feel really bad and drink a lot and then go bone Meredith.

Unfortunately, Denny Duquette did not fare as well as Burke. It's nice that he had one day of feeling great, proposing to Izzy and all, but that wasn't enough. And let's be honest - Denny was an expendable character. Hot, but expendable. A woman getting over the loss of her fiance is a lot more interesting TV than a woman planning her wedding. I'm just sayin'. I think the writers on Grey's Anatomy brought back the niece with cancer just to have the prom part of the episode and get those doctors out of their scrubs, but more specifically, to get Katherine Heigl into that dress. Didn't she look beautiful laid out on that bed, and in Alex's arms, in that rose pink dress? And wasn't Alex amazing? I tell you what, there's far more to him than meets the eye. Oh yeah, and Izzy quit the program. I imagine that that won't stick, and that she'll be around next season as more than just the freeloading roommate who bakes a lot. Mark my words.

I think Callie is becoming my favorite character. I want her and George to work out, I really do. It's not that he will never love her, he's just a slow mover. Plus, he only last night worked things out with Meredith, so he just needs a little time. To all you Callie haters out there, you have to admit that she proved her worth when she tied up the back of Meredith's dress and then gave Derek that look. Yes, I know her hair and makeup are a little sleazy, but I like that. George needs a little sleaze in his life after the lily-white Meredith.

I'm a little disappointed that the season cliffhanger is Who did Meredith go home with? Nate made a pretty astute observation last night: it's called Grey's Anatomy, yet Meredith isn't really anyone's favorite character. She's whiny and squinty, and yes, scary and damaged. I like her just fine, but other characters are so much better. But with all that said, she needs to be with Derek. Finn who? He's nice, but he's no McDreamy. Of course, like with Izzy and Denny, sad and wrong makes for much better TV than happy and perfect, so GA needs to keep Meredith and Derek apart a while longer. And bring back McSteamy for Addison. She needs a good man.

Other good things from last night's episode: Bailey speaking "teenage girl," and the beginning voiceovers featuring all the cast, instead of just Meredith. I loved that. Overall, Monday night's two-hour finale was not as good as Sunday night's episode, but still a worthwhile piece of television. I'm super excited for the DVD to come out.

Grey's Anatomy - A-


Chargenda said...

Sunday was better?! I loved last night. I cried during probably half the episode. Meredith and McDreamy gross me out. I hope they end up together because they suck. And yes, I like Callie way better now. I loved the scene where they went in and talked to the chief one by one. And seeing Christine tear up broke my heart.

Ashlee said...

Agreed, Chargenda. From "how do you keep your edge?" to "I'm a pretty girl" to "It was you who caused my parents to split up" poor chief couldn't get a word in edgewise, which was appropriate. BTW- how awesome is it that Loretta Devine plays the chief's wife? I LOVE HER! And anything with a prom is more fun to watch.

I think Burke will make some sort of recovery, but it won't be until mid-season, and then he'll have competition from...Dr. Hahn, who will now be moved to Seattle Grace.
Man, I love this show.

amandarama said...

Oh yeah, I loved the scenes with the chief, and each intern talking one by one. Let's not leave out Alex, actually BEING part of the team. That was a good one!

bethro said...

I love this show. I loved last nights episode.

Anonymous said...

I want Izzy's dress!! She was a total knock-out last night in that dress. WOW!!

I agree with chargenda, Meredith and McDreamy are grossing me out too. It's getting way too much with them, and it's growing old. I really want Addison to blow up in public again but this time everyone cheers her on.