Monday, May 01, 2006

Wedding Post #2 - The Tunes

Before I tell you about the music at this wedding, let me give you my list of all time worst wedding songs.

Papa Don't Preach - I'm keeping my baby!
Beast of Burden - not so much wanting to be referred to as a beast on my wedding day
I Will Survive - don't kick things off by saying you'll be OK without him
I Will Love You by Fisher - it's a beautiful song, but I'm bothered by the lyrics "And I need to know, will you stay for all time?" - shouldn't you have that figured out before the wedding?
theme from Star Wars - no theme weddings, ever

So, the tunes at P & N's wedding were a labor of love. They spent so much time working out the perfect music - we processed to a gorgeous arrangement of All I Want Is You by U2, and recessed to Don't Worry Baby by The Beach Boys. How great is that? And the reception tunage should have been just as awesome, and probably was, but I blame the DJ for not playing anything loud enough to be heard over the guests' chatter. Perhaps the CD I got as a wedding favor will fill me in on how good the music should have been.

wedding tunes - A- (bad DJ! bad!)


Meggie Justine said...

Sounds like tons of fun. :) I want to see pictures. When are you coming to visit me, love? I miss you. I'm training for the walk and I'm up to $660 for fundraising! I'm sitting here listening to Chris Teft sing outside my window and I wish you were here to make fun of him with me. Call me so we can talk! Good luck on finals!
<3 MC

mama kay said...

The music can really make or break a reception, but if everyone was really chatty they likely had a great time anyway!
I have to admit you got me with the Papa Don't Preach .. I can't say that I have heard it at a wedding (or reception) - but I certainly should have *wink*.

Senora Fuerte said...

The DJ wasn't allowed to play any louder than that, unfortunately... we just didn't know how bad the acoustics would be... nor how much our guests would have to say...

Senora Fuerte. For good.