Monday, May 29, 2006


My friend Graham says sushi is good on a hot day - light and refreshing, you know - and boy, is it hot in Ann Arbor this weekend, so we ordered our at-work dinner from last night. Sushi.come is the actual name. Nate's theory is that they couldn't get away with, so they went with Sushi.come - everyone says "com" anyway. I had the California roll and the spicy tuna roll. Both were quite good, but since Graham and I both ordered, they put our order together in the same box, which meant that the wasabi, ginger, and tiny orange eggs had to go on the sushi rather than next to it. I don't like any of that stuff, so I was disappointed when I ate a spicy tuna that was way too wasabi hot, and I threw out a California altogether because I couldn't get enough of the orange eggs off. The pricing is good and the taste is right, but I think Sushi.come should invest in some little to-go ramekins for the condiments.

Sushi-come: taste - B+; price - A-; condiment presentation - C+; name - B-


Dustin J. Harder said...

sushi is delicious

paultoes said...

i love
i don't know if it's actually an extraordinary establishment, or if i just like to say the name. either way, it brings back memories. fond, fond memories.
and i love the orange eggs.

patrick said...

Shh, don't say anything...I'm mentally casting "Sushi.Come:The Movie" with my favorite Asian porn stars, and I need to concentrate.

(Oh, yeah, like you all weren't already thinking it.)

Chargenda said...

I think you should invest in being less picky!

Chargenda said...

right, there is a restaurant here called the Rice Box, and I want to open a strip club full of female asian strippers with the same name.

Peach said...

I've never had sushi.