Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wedding Post #4 - The Family

I told Natalie I could write for a week about the wedding, but I'm going end after this one, lest I bore my readers. I haven't even talked about the food, the flowers, or the venue, but trust me, they were awesome. That's all I have to say about that. I'm really very thrilled about Pat and Natalie being married. Obviously, from the picture, you can tell that Natalie's pretty thrilled, too! She's a lovely human being. I dig having a sister.
You can tell from the picture that Pat's pretty thrilled, too. I think in the South they call that a "shit-eating grin". Look at him! You can tell he's pleased with himself - and why shouldn't he be? He married a tall, gorgeous, talented, wonderful lady! Plus, he knows he looks good in a tux.

So the Strongs should be back from their honeymoon any minute now, and so begins a long and happy life together. Way to go!

Pat and Nat - A+


mama kay said...

They are a very handsome couple and he certainly does appear to have that shit-eating grin ... good for him!
Her flowers are amazing! Funny, after you have had the big wedding, you still look at others and think ... hmmm, I wish I could have thought of that! Ah well, I suppose that applies to sooo many things though!
I would happily read a hundred more postings about the wedding though .. so feel free to add more if you want :O)

Nat's father-in-law said...

What I like about the bottom picture is that Pat is looking right at me. You are excited about having a sister and I am excited about having another daughter. The wedding was fantastic; the couple was gorgeous. Raise your glasses to a beautiful addition to StrongWomen.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Congrats to both of them!!


Kim Sim said...

Awe, gorgeous!

Chargenda said...

Congrats to Pat and his new lady...