Friday, May 26, 2006

O Magazine

I like O Magazine. It's a step up from Cosmo or Glamour, because not ALL of the articles are about achieving the perfect orgasm or becoming beach body ready in two weeks. By the way, both of those things are myths. But O magazine talks about things like saving money, or embracing spirituality, and how to make good quesadillas... and there's some fashion, too, like looking thinner because you have a good-fitting dress.

But O can go too far with the spirituality, and Oprah's little mission statements on how to live a better life can make me throw up in my mouth a little. Still, she seems like a nice lady, and I like her magazine. Maybe I'm growing up a little, but I think I'm more likely to buy O than Cosmo. I'm still a few years away from Good Housekeeping.

O magazine - B


mama kay said...

I used to subscribe to O, but it was almost too much to read it monthly. Now I just pick on up when I see something that looks interesting. I kindof miss getting it in the mail, but the bill is pretty hefty and I am not sure it is worth it if you don't get to read it all.
I really enjoy Real Simple too. A lot of practical advise and not as much on the spirituality .. and the diet/big "O" stuff isn't as prevelent as Cosmo or Glamour.

Peach said...

I LOVE O Magazine. Her spirtuality and living life lessons do get on my nerves, but I love a good hefty magazine to flip through and hers is a good quality magazine.