Thursday, January 26, 2006


Holy shit, this movie was so awesome I don't think that anything I say about it will do it justice. It's the story of clowning and krumping, the "dance craze" that's going on in the ghettos of LA - if you have seen Madonna's "Hung Up" video, they're getting krump while they're at the bus stop. In fact, two of the girls heavily featured in the movie are in the Madonna video.
So there's Tommy the Clown and his Hip Hop Clown Academy and all the kids in that, and the krumpers like Dragon and Tight Eyez and Miss Prissy, and they have a showdown called the BattleZone, which is absolutely incredible. Miss Prissy is my new hero. She's not super pretty, but when she dances, you can't take your eyes off her... she is FIERCE. Look at her body! Or look at his body (I think that's Tight Eyez) - krumping's a good workout, apparently. Damn. So there's the dancing, but there's also the human side, with the awful background that some of these kids come from, and how krumping and clowning have helped them stay out of gangs and all the adversity they've overcome by having this creative outlet. I loved it. I know I've been giving lots of As recently, but I've been happy with things, and you can't really compare pickles to krumping. Get yourself a jar of Nathan's Pickles and watch Rize, and you will have a perfect night.

Rize - A


Bethro said...

This is a hilarious post to me. I don't think I'd ever have picked up that movie in the movie store to even try to watch it. Way to be open minded! Looks like it paid off for you! lol

mama kay said...

Have to agree with bethro .. it would never have entered my mind to pick that one up!
You quite adventuresome :o)


Chargenda said...

I wanna see it bad now.