Thursday, January 26, 2006

Project Karma

See what happens when you start messing with things? One thing's for certain, Heidi Klum is right: one week you're in, winning a design challenge, and the next week you're OUT. Bye bye, Zulema. The best model in the world couldn't have saved you.
But what's poor Daniel to do? Here are his choices: Rebecca, who's awesome and has been with him since episode two, or Tarah, who is super fierce, who got stolen from Nick at the worst possible time. I bet he sticks with Rebecca. Just to clarify, I love Rebecca, I think she's a fabulous model, but I hate to see Tarah go because stupid Zulema stole her away and then went OUT. Boo to Zu!

Project Runway - A, and good riddance to Zulema!


lisa said...

Santino's impersonation of Tim, or whatever his name is, is dead on! I can't wait to see him get busted! :)

amandarama said...

Seriously - he sound just like him! I bet Tim Gunn has a pretty good sense of humor about it, though. He's such a character that I feel like all sorts of his students do impressions of him!

Ashley said...

The model dilema is a big one. I misunderstood the whole "If you don't want your model then we'll bring all the models out for you to chose from." I thought that meant that the winner chose the model they wanted and then everyone else got to chose too! I was wrong obviously.

It will be too bad to see Tarah go. Zulema definately didn't do herself any favors on that one. Sarah did herself proud when she walked for Nick though--maybe her "elongated marshmellow" act was just that--an act to get Zulema OUT!

P.S. Santino's impressions are apparently the thing he does best these days. What was up with that skirt?

Natalie said...

I'm surprised Andrae didn't win... though I did love Daniel's outfit.

Man, I love this show!!!!

And I'm so glad they kicked Zulema off instead of Kara... I think Kara got SUPAH lucky though, 'cause her dress was retarded.

amandarama said...

I think Santino's model would have been out a long time ago if PR had done the model choosing like they did last season - she always looks grumpy, but not in a "I'm a model and I'm better than you" way.
PS. I think Nick's new model's name is Rachael.

Ashley said...

Yeah, don't ask me where I got Sarah from. It was stuck in my brain and I didn't fact check. I'm a moron.

Chargenda said...

I don't know any of the models names.