Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dandia Dhamaka

The Michigan Theater played host last night to Dandia Dhamaka, a collegiate Indian dance competition. It was insane. Think of it as the Indian version of coed competitive cheer: stunts, girls in the air, elaborate props, school pride, and wacky spliced music. The costumes were beautiful and the dancing was just amazing, but the fans and organizers were out of control, in differing ways. The organizers were NOT organized. They didn't know anything about having a show that would run smoothly, they ran so far behind schedule (the thing started half an hour late), and didn't really treat us theater employees very well. The fans were also kind of rude, and a lot of them were drunk and rowdy, and not in a good way. One of the guys I work with found limes in the bathroom sink after the show... tequila shots, anyone? Oh, and since the audience couldn't take food into the auditorium (something about fierce rivalry and th possibility of a food fight), almost no one bought concessions and we only made $2.50 in tips. While Dandia Dhamaka was very cool and interesting, it wasn't worth my while.

Dandia Dhamaka - C


Bethro said...

No one commented here so I thought I'd leave you a comment. :o)

amandarama said...

Thanks - I guess people aren't really interested in Indian dance!