Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bell's Diner & Bi Bim Bap

After Nate picked me up from the airport today, we went to Bell's Diner for lunch, where I had some seriously awesome Korean food. Bi Bim Bap (or Bop, or Bob) is a crazy dish of hot rice, tofu, and egg, and cold shredded cucumber, carrot, spinach and sprouts. Let me tell you what, it was fantastic. It was incredibly filling and delicious; the hot and cold combined is a taste sensation! Adding the special Korean hot sauce makes it even zingier.
I've eaten at Bell's before. It's a regular little diner that serves eggs and hash browns and burgers and sandwiches, but it's owned by a Korean family, so alongisde the American food they also serve Korean dishes. It's pretty genius, if you ask me.

Bell's Diner and Bi Bim Bap - A-


Timmy D said...

Did I know you were a spicy food fanatic? Mandy points: +150!

Chargenda said...

yummy...did you have any kimchee? I love that stuff

elisepeterson said...

where is that located?