Monday, December 18, 2006

Wedding #46, and a Deep Question

This is not the cake from wedding #46. This is a fantasy fairy tale cake. But since it was a Christmasy wedding, I thought it was OK to use this picture.
The wedding was fine - simple, solid, nothing ridiculous to speak of except for the behavior and dress of some wedding guests (one of whom may have been a hooker). The food was good, the DJ wasn't, I came home with two cute little candy dishes as favors and picked up a few ideas for my own wedding.

Which leads me to my next question: do I talk about money too much? I've been taught that money is a taboo topic, that you're not supposed to ask how much things cost, or volunteer that information, either. But recently - oh, who am I kidding... not recently, more like forever - I've been talking about money to people outside my network of family and close friends. I say "I can't afford that, it costs X dollars" to casual acquaintances, I say "I know how much my boss makes, I could make a living in the non-profit sector" to people I hardly know, and I actually asked my buddy the other day "How much did your wedding cost?"

Is this rude? Itr's not like I'm asking people how much credit card debt they have. When I asked my buddy (incidentally, someone I've known over half my life) about her wedding, I told her that it's because I was at her wedding and could relate to the expense, so I hope it wasn't too bold of a queston. But my New Year's resolution is going to be to quit talking about money so much. I hope I can do it.

wedding #46 - B+
money talk - C-


Chargenda said...

I don't think it is rude as long as you are tight with the person. You can ask me about money any day.

queenb2u said...

Money- one of my favorite subjects. I don't think it is rude to talk about it. I like to know how much things cost. Can't wait to hear your wedding ideas.

Ashley said...

Money is basically all people in NYC talk about. Sometimes I think to myself, as you have been "Am I being rude?" With some people, I feel yes. With others, it feels normal. Its one of the two top things people talk about here thought--money, and real estate, and often, you combine the two by boldly asking people what they pay in rent.

equippedtofascinate said...

Amanda, I love it when you talk about money with me; like when you told me how much my birthday present cost. What I don't love is that there was someone dressed like a hooker at the wedding, and you didn't post a picture.

Senora Fuerte said...

I say we should all be realistic about our money. Just admit it. If it costs so much, whatever it is, that you are ashamed to admit how much you paid, maybe you shouldn't have gotten it. If you are not ashamed of how much you spent, why not just say? We can look it up on-line anyway...

Similarly if you can't afford something... if you can't, just say so, no one will judge (if they do, they're pigs). Everyone knows what it's like to struggle with something, money, food, whatever. The problem happens when you buy the thing to prove that you can afford it, which you can't, and then you're in trouble because you have to eat Ramen for weeks.

Jessofoz said...

Amanda - I think it is important to talk about money with others. Otherwise how else are you going to know what something costs.

Just like Queenb2u I am excited to hear about your wedding ideas.

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