Friday, December 22, 2006


Last night my new best friends and I went out for cocktails at our little neighborhood pub... OK, it's a chain restaurant. OK, it's Buffalo Wild Wings. I don't usually go to B-Dubs (even though I apparently go there enough to give it a nickname), but there was something very appealing about the sports-bar atmosphere last night. I had a big beer and some chili con queso, and it was all fine, but not delectable. But I wasn't expecting delectable, I was expecting fine! So I wasn't disappointed. My new best friends had some chicken fingers and boneless wings. For some reason, I am opposed to wings and fingers. They always sound good, but they never taste as good as they should.

Speaking of my new best friends, we were talking last night about code names. I've had a couple code names in my day: Sarah Adams, Andrea Simpson, and of course, naivehelga. What do you think the code name standard should be - close to your real name, or nothing like your real name? I'd like to give these new friends code names, but I can't really move forward on that without some outside opinions. Why don't you leave a comment with your code name, and how you arrived at it?

B-Dubs - B-
code names - incomplete


Meggie Justine said...

B DUBS! My coworkers and I would go there after closing at Starbucks. It always sucked because I could never drink, but somehow I always got to sit at the bar with them. It was fun. Their wings aren't amazing but it's good after a hard day of making yuppies coffee. :)
<3 MC

Jenny said...

Guess who?! I LOVE your blog (read mine, I haven't posted in forever and neither have my friends).

I have been called: "J-Dav, J.Lo, and Henner (and I hate that one).

I think that Monty is good for C. Montgomery Burns because it's short and they use it on the show. Plus, it's near impossible to infer who it is. Yes!

On Scrubs, JD calls Turk "Chocolate Bear." Scrubs is the best.

bethro said...

My codename is ridiculously long but I really like it. It's more like a code "title" it's:
The Next Mrs. Thad Falcon
It's an obscure reference to a commercial that was on t.v. a while back. I think codenames can be part of the real name, (hence the bethro which is easy to remember) but I much prefer more funny ones with a story behind them.

Ashley said...

Well, as your old best friend, and the person that you TECHNICALLY bit the name for your blog off of, ahem, Helga Apple anyone?, I like codenames. Who are your new best friends? I'm so intrigued. I'm also hoping that it was indeed my package that you recieved. I'm going to open my gifts in a few--I'm calling you manana from the airport.

Frannie Farmer said...

hmmm, let's see, any code names here?
Yep, too many to count.
Mine have been a play on my name, a pseudo name for what I am about or just a random name that came about in an inspiring moment.
So, I think you have pretty free reign when creating code names for your friends … new or otherwise.
Happy Holidays Amanda!

equippedtofascinate said...

My "code name" story is one you are familiar with. Merry Christmas.