Sunday, December 10, 2006

O Tannenbaum

I haven't had a Christmas tree of my own in five years, so I was pretty adamant that I would have a tree this year. Last week, on a particularly bad day, I said to myself, "Self, it's time to get the tree." Michael's had just what I was looking for: 4' tall and cheap (no, not how I also like my men). I'm very pleased with how cute it looks.

Here are pictures of some of my favorite ornaments - the pink poodle, the Frog Prince, Frankenstein, a baby giraffe, and a lemon wedge. Wheee!

my little Christmas tree - A+


queenb2u said...

I just finished our tree. Missed having those cute ornaments and the fun of putting up the tree together. It was unbelieveable. BF didn't say "humbug" once.

Meggie Justine said...

I love that giraffe! Soooo cute!
Call me!
<3 MC

Peach said...

cute tree!!!

Erin said...

Very cute! I gave up and bought a tree a few years ago as we were passing Bronner's on the way to meet Jeff in Bay City. We also purchased an electric menorah at the sad little table designated for other holiday decorations...wonder how long that sat there??

Now, one of my favorite ornaments is the Eiffel Tower I have from two good friends. As I recall, it was part of my wedding gift - you can ask Amanda about how that wrapping job came out. But I should tell you that Ryan loves using the tray as a drum - it's really loud!

Ashley said...

I was resposible for that "wrapping" Erin... I am a failure. I'll try to do a better job with Amanda and Nate's gift.

Manders, the tree is fab and call me back!

bethro said...

Love it!

Frannie Farmer said...

Cute stuff Amanda. I love the lemon wedge - of course!