Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I hate California.

OK, that's not true. I had some good times in CA when I was little girl on vacation, and I know some lovely people who live in California. What I hate is the time difference. I know it's a very Eastern time zone mentality, but seriously, when I am in the office, you should be in the office, too. I hate getting in at 9 AM and getting messages that came in at 8 PM the night before, because I sort of feel bad that I wasn't here to take the call, but I also get really annoyed - you couldn't have called me earlier? But what's worse is when I want to return the call first thing in the morning but have to wait for three hours until those people get in to the office and can get back to me.

My annoyance is dumb, but it's out there.

California time - D+


Bethro said...

I previously had no real opinion on this matter, but you make such a good argument that I fully take your side. :o)

nate said...

You could always be proactive and politely remind callers how your office hours relate to "their time".

Senora Fuerte said...

Hey wait!! How fair is it that every weekend you get to go home before we do?! And every vacation starts 3 hours earlier? Our morning coffee isn't even cold yet, and you've already gotten to enjoy your leftover pizza from the night before. And when we try to call you "earlier" you're on your freakin' lunch break, and then we're on ours, and then you're gone. It seems to me that YOU'RE the ones who never work.

Let's gang up and hate Hawaii instead.

David In Irvine said...

I hate Hawaii!

elisepeterson said...

try working night shifts and getting calls at noon and not being able to ask the person 'what are you thinking?' because that is normal time. tack on the time difference and it is one big cluster. i love cali having lived in san diego, la and san fran, there is no place like it.