Saturday, March 04, 2006

Walk the Line

Poor Walk the Line. In any other year, it would have been a tremendous movie, but coming the year after Ray, it all seemed stale. This is not either movie's fault, just bad timing. I kept thinking "Seen it. Seen that, too. Seen that WAY too may times." Bad luck, WTL.
This movie didn't make a huge impression on me. It was solid, entertaining, the acting was good, the music was fun (and yes, I'm impressed that Joaq and Reese did their own singing), and overall it was fine. But I didn't LOVE it. Like I said, it probably has something to do with seeing Ray this time last year (and I didn't love Ray, either, FYI). Walk the Line was fine, but it didn't invoke any feelings of passion in me. I'll take a solid stance on two things: 1, the red dress Reese wears during the tractor scene is breathtaking - I love the sheer sleeve thing; 2, I hate when movies wrap up at the end with the words on the screen. We all know that June and Johnny stayed married, raised kids etc., and died a couple years ago within a few months of each other. It happened RECENTLY. We REMEMBER it. The movie did not need to shove it down our throats with the words on the screen! Ray did that, too, and I just hate it. Totally unnecessary.

As far as Reese winning the Oscar... yes, she will. I don't quite understand it, but she will. She was good, for sure, but I think she'll be winning the award because she's playing against her type, not because it was the best lead female performance of the year. Elle Woods was pushed aside and the Academy wants to honor that, that's my theory. I still think Felicity should win, though.

Walk the Line - a nice, solid B


Chargenda said...

I wish I could say something to argue, but I haven't seen Transamerica. I love love love Reese in this movie. I watched it a second time, because I bought it the day came out, and it lost a little something, but still one of my favs of the year. It is a love story that defies the love story formula, yet I truly believe these two people love each other. Go Reese!

equippedtofascinate said...

Amanda, it's like you read my mind. Liked the movie, but didn't think it was amazing.

Timmy D said...

Mandy, to point number two: don't forget that films are artworks that are going to last a long, long time... I feel like film gets the short end of the stick in our minds because there are so many movies that won't last - they're commercials more so than films. I think the words in WTL are a sign of intended longevity.

It also makes it feel more like a documentary, which always helps you convince your audience that EVERY SINGLE THING IN MY MOVIE REALLY HAPPENED!!! Take your pick. :)

Dustin J. Harder said...

I'm not gonna debate I'm just gonna say I LOVED THIS MOVIE! LOVED IT! There, thats all.

Bethro said...

I loved this movie too! I give it an A.

patrick said...

I hate to admit it, but all my industry people out here are certain that Reese Witherspoon is going to beat Our Girl tonight. Pity.

Timmy: you make a good point. Wanna see something funny? Go to the library and get a microfilm of a newspaper from, say, the mid-60s. Scroll to the entertainment section and look at the movie listings. There will, of course, be some big, recognizable films, but take a look at the DOZENS of movies you've never heard of, movies with big stars in them. Films are funny that way: on one hand, eternal, and on the other, ephemeral.