Sunday, March 05, 2006

Old Country Buffet

OK, I do not like Old Country Buffet. I ate there today because I was doing this community service project with some old people and that's where the powers that be decided we should eat. First of all, I don't like big buffets. The sight of all that food turns me off. Second, the food all seems pretty unhealthy - lots of starch, lots of fried, and lots of dessert. Third, because I don't eat a lot while I'm there, my buffet ends up being really pricey. I ate a $10 baked potato and bowl of frozen yogurt. No more OCB.

Old Country Buffet - D- (points 'cause old people like it)


bethro said...

We tend to stay away from restaurants that have the words "old" and/or "country" in the name. I don't mind buffets. I rather like them, I eat a lot, and I like variety. It's the "country" part that gets you. In my mind,
it's code for "greasy" or "you don't wanna know what we used in this" lol

patrick said...

whereas I tend to stay away from buffets. they are germ farms.

Timmy D said...

Amen, Mandy, Bethro, and Patrick. Which reminds me, has anyone else noticed the appropriateness of the name 'Cracker Barrel'?

patrick said...

It's like shooting crackers in a barrel.

L1 said...

But did you get to serve yourself the frozen yogurt? Out of one of those swirly machines?

I love that.