Monday, March 06, 2006

The Pink Panther

Hanging out with old people, part two:
This movie was completely ridiculous, yet still funny. I can't believe I paid money to see it, but the old people seemed to like it. I felt a little awkward during the scene when an old lady got knocked over, and during the preview for "The Shaggy Dog," we saw an old lady get knocked over... old people falling down are so funny!
About that: one of our old guys lost his balance on the wheelchair lift on the bus and almost fell four feet to the concrete. Lucky I (and a railing) was there to catch him. Seriously, he was headed for the ground and I used my brute strength to get him upright. He cut his hand and bled all over the place (those darn blood thinners) and now I have old guy blood on my sweatshirt.
ANYWAY, The Pink Panther was pretty stupid, but that PG humor that caters toward young kids also keeps the old floks laughing. I liked Jean Reno, playing a French guy (what a stretch for him!), and there was a delightful uncredited cameo by the one and only Clive Owen, who I LOVE. Steve Martin was fine and Beyonce was cute, but I'm mystified by the presence of Kristin Chenoweth in this movie - sure, she's cute, blond and short, but why have her in this movie if she's not going to sing? She was kind of a waste in this, if you ask me.

The Pink Panther - C-

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Chargenda said...

Look Kristen up on IMDB, she has a few things coming out this year and I think we are going to see a new side of her in 2006. I think she might become sort of an "it girl" this year.