Thursday, March 09, 2006

Project Runway FINALE

Another season of Project Runway has come and gone. I'm sad it's over, I really am. I know that some of you non-watchers out there will be glad to finally stop getting Thursday morning updates, but I think there's going to be a little hole in my blog now. I'll try to give you regular PR updates, for old times' sake.
So, Chloe won. I'm not thrilled about it. She was my least favorite of the top three, but there's no denying that her clothes were amazing. I loved the two prints, and that there were two designs in each print. The huge pink poufy coat thing was weird, but the deep blues were great.
One of my favorite things was when Michael Kors told Daniel to call him. Oooh, Daniel's gonna work for Michael Kors! I love it!

These are my favorites from each designer. I would buy these clothes!

Chloe winning - B
Tim and Andrae at Red Lobster - A
Santino and Daniel having amazing collections - A
overall Project Runway score - A+


Senora Fuerte said...

I'm SO sad that Santino's model isn't going to get the Elle spread. I think she is amazingly beautiful! Was anyone else SHOCKED when they finally let Grace speak? It's a good thing she's pretty- yikes!

How did I miss Tim and Aandae at Red Lobster?! That's hilarious.

I wanted Daniel to win, but Chloe's clothes over the season were pretty bitchin'. It's hard to tell with her collection being all evening wear-- I just know that I kept saying, "I'd wear that! I want to buy that!!" during Daniel's show. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him!

Poor Santino-- I think he sold out. His clothes were beautiful, though. Beautiful and kinda boring.

Chargenda said...

did you watch top chef? or ANTM? I have a lot to blog about when I get a chance today!

casey said...

I am mad that Chloe won. I personally thought that Daniel's collection was much better. Chloe's just seemed like 4 fabrics. Quite boring. I am happy to know that Daniel will be working somewhere!

I am glad Santino got the boot. He annoyed me.

Now start watching ANTM!

amandarama said...

Rebecca was my favorite model, folled by Heather. That's another thing that bother me about Chloe's win: I CAN'T STAND Grace. She's so bizarre. I don't even think she's that pretty, although her longer hair helps.

Ashley said...

SO much to say. I did not like Chloe's collection, and the fact that it showed absolutely NO versatility really showed me the danger that she was warned about all season--being a "one note." I think they didn't give it to Daniel because he's so young and needs more experience.

I think that Daniel going to work for one of the top designers of American Sportswear makes an insane amount of sense--he needs that, a kick ass internship with someone who has taste as refined as his but will a little bit more (okay, a lot more) experience.

I thought Santino's last dress was truly beautiful. Maybe a little boring by Santino standards, but so elegant. I agree with Amanda--I would wear that!

paultoes said...

i was disappointed with nick, i must say, "a little underwhelmed."
santino seems to have had a fashion lobotomy, and chloe... knows how to make things that are pretty? i don't know what to think.
i wish i got UPN... so sad.

amandarama said...

if by "nick," you mean "daniel," then I still disagree with you.