Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Watch Yourself

It's the opening day of firearm deer season in Michigan. I don't think I've ever been in Michigan for the opening day on a Tuesday - it's kind of a letdown for all the hunters who can't turn it into a three- or four-day weekend. Never fear, the fanatics are out there: Newaygo Public Schools have the day off today, for "Deer Day." Go out and bag one, son! I call this post "Watch Yourself" because if you're traipsing around out there, wear your orange!
The worst part of deer season is seeing all the sad little deer strapped to the hoods and roofs of cars flying down the highway. Super gross.

deer season - C (a few points for population control)


Bethro said...

You'll find no "sorry for the deer" sentiments from me. We were dirt poor when I was growing up and often the only meat we had to eat was the deer my stepdad caught during hunting season. So, I'm alive, and we had food to eat. Not fair for me to say it's bad.

amandarama said...

More power to you, sister! I'm all for cooking what you catch. It's the folks who are just in it for the sport - or the heads on the walls - you annoy me. Plus, pro-hunting or anti-hunting, there's just something nasty about driving down I-75 at 80 miles per hour with a dead deer on your hood!

Timmy D said...

There's a great sportsnight episode about this. Jeremy goes on an 'expedition' to produce a feature with a pro hunter and a celebrity hunter. They bag a deer with a twinkie. Kind of reminiscent of backpacking through central michigan and walking right up on roughly three deer per day. Big challenge.

Jeremy's little speech regarding hunters' schpiels about how they're like native americans is worth the 26 minutes by itself.

Ashley said...

I'd love your help on this whole blog thing. I know I inspired yours, but honestly, I don't know how to give my entries official titles nor do I know how to do the password protect. Help!

Dustin J. Harder said...

Wife swap this week featured one wife from Kentucky that had a family that hunted for a living and another wife from Arizona that chose a "no cooking" method for her family....she sun gazed from 7:30-7:38 a.m.....she claimed to get her energy from the sun. Shoot the deer.