Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Grizzly Peak

I used yet another Newcomers Club coupon to have dinner at Grizzly Peak last night. Nate and I weren't "feelin' it" as far as dinner at home was concerned, so we thought we'd scope out this brewery downtown. Well, to use Nate's phrase, it was uninspiring. It wasn't bad, it was just generic mid-to-upscale food that we could have gotten anywhere. I had cheddar ale soup, which is one of my favorite things at Grizzly Peak's sister restaurant, North Peak in Traverse City, but Grizzly Peak's version was nowhere near as good as North Peak's - no mustard pretzels and an oilier consistency. I also had a chopped salad, which was basically a Cobb salad but all chopped up, and it was fine, but nothing special. Nate had a Cobb Chicken sandwich, and it was just a bunch of chicken, bread, and lame bleu cheese. Like lots of restaurants around Ann Arbor, it served its purpose - we didn't leave hungry - but average at best, and certainly nothing to write home about it. Which is funny, 'cause I'm writing home about it right now.

Grizzly Peak - B-


bethro said...

Okay, so I'm waiting for you to go to a restaurant that is fantastic. You always have mediocre things to say about new places. Visit an awesome one already!

amanda's brother said...

that would probably require a plane ticket, bethro.

Dustin J. Harder said...

Is it an Ann Arbor institution?

Andy said...

Ummmm... you have been there before. Shannon's dinner before the wedding. I was there. I saw you!

Oh, and you forgot to mention the beer! Grizzly Peak is a Micro-brew and is known for its beer and not its food. The beers are excellent.

(yes, its all about the beer)

amandarama said...

I have never had any beer when I have been there. True story.