Monday, November 14, 2005


Let me start by saying I only saw about twenty minutes of this movie - Nate came to see it and when I was done working I joined him - so I can't give it a completely accurate review. What I did see was completely wacky. Mirrormask is, I think, the story of a girl who draws a bunch of fantasy worlds and gets sucked into one of those worlds, through the windows she draws, by a princess who is trying to escape her evil queen mother. It was very Labyrinth-esque. The princess in the "real world" destroys the drawn worlds by crumpling the drawings - no more windows, no more ways for the real girl to back to the real world. I probably would have thought it was kind of confusing even if I'd seen the whole thing. One nice thing I discovered while watching this movie is that Gina McKee, who plays the queen (and of course, the real girl's mother - very Wizard of Oz) and was also in Notting Hill as Bella, isn't paralyzed at all. That whole wheelchair thing in Notting Hill? A clever story device.

Mirrormask - B-
Gina McKee being able to walk - A+


Bethro said...

This looks weird.

PNSexplosion said...

I love the fantasy genre (hello? Never Ending Story!) but this was a letdown. The visuals are fantastic, but you never quite understood what this girl is supposed to be doing or where she should be going, and there were no real consequences to her actions. Its perty though.

Dustin J. Harder said...