Friday, November 25, 2005

Layer Cake

Here are some things I like in movies: heists; unexpected endings; double- and triple-crosses; large sums of money changing hands; British accents. Unfortunately, while watching Layer Cake, I discovered that I can't really handle all those things happening at once. I'm still not really sure what happened in this movie, mostly because I couldn't understand what people were saying half the time. I mean, I got the main parts, but I think there were a lot of small things I missed, mainly relationships between people. I sort of liked it, but I think it would take another viewing or two before I could really tell you what Layer Cake was all about.

Layer Cake - B-


casey said...

I have never even HEARD of this movie, but all I know is that now I kinda want to EAT a layer cake. Mmm, still being a fat kid from Thanksgiving! :)

Chargenda said...

What is up with the 4 in the title?