Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let Me Tell You About My Band

One of my favorite things in this life is to hear a funny phrase and say "That's the name of our band." I don't know why, but I've loved doing this for YEARS. Sometimes, a person will just say a couple words that you don't hear next to each other very often, and it just makes me think of a band.

My very first band, formed my freshman year of college, was Pagan Racecar (I think some of my former bandmates read this blog - shout-out, homies!). I'm currently in a band called Styrofoam Twister - but my off-shoot solo project is One-Day Dirty. There were probably others.

Also, once I'm in a fake band, if another funny phrase comes up, I say "That's the name of our album."

Is this weird?

fake bands - A-

(photo disclaimer: this is my friend Kim and her fiance Justin, and one of their gorgeous engagement photos... but it also looks like an album cover... something bluegrass-y, with fiddles)


Andy said...

Yes, that's weird. But that's why we love ya!

Jennifer said...


Ashley said...

What about "North Bound Chavez"?!?!?! That's the name of OUR band :)

amanda said...

How could I forget about NBC?

senor fuerte said...

My band, Chlorinated Deathfest, is coming to ROCK YOUR FACE.

Shannon said...

Yeah Pagan Racecar! I remember getting assigned to some instrument when you came up for FAC that summer...tambourine maybe?