Monday, May 04, 2009

Cannonball Read - Book 32

I picked up The Reformed Vampire Support Group at my local used bookstore because I like the premise: "a hilarious antidote to slick vampire novels, this murder mystery/comedy of errors will appeal to kids on the fringe." Take that, Bella and Edward! It's very obvious that Ms. Jenks wanted to write the anti-Twilight. These vampires are not healthy. They do not have super-human powers. They wake up every evening and have to eat guinea pigs, and it takes all their fortitude to not vomit on the way to their weekly support group meeting. Oh yeah, and their eyes bleed if they look at bright lights. None of this sparkling in the sun bullshit. These are REAL vampires. And while the story line was somewhat silly - let's find a vampire killer, but oh wait, he's actually a pretty good guy, it's the guys who are running the werewolf fight vlub that are the bad guys - it was a nice change from those other vampires we've been hearing so much about. If Twilight is for teeny boppers, RVSG is for the weirdos who write 'zines at 2 AM and wear legwarmers on their arms. You know the kind.

The Reformed Vampire Support Group - B

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