Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Very Beautiful, And Very Cold...

and it's for sale!

Click here to see the listing.

buying Cameron's house - B+ (points off because it's DAMN expensive)


staxgirl said...

I looked at the listing . . . and I know this house. Matter of fact, I knew one of the architects, David Haid. He used to live on the street where I used to live. I got him to open his own house on a housewalk I was chairing. It was filled with art and scukpture and I loved it.

How did you happen upon the listing of the house in Highland Park?

staxgirl said...

That would be SCULPTURE.

amanda said... always lists fun things related to pop cutlure, and they listed this. just another reason why I love Pajiba!

staxgirl said...

Thanks . . . I didn't know that website.

I guess I should have mentioned that David Haid passed away some fifteen years ago, which is what I meant by "used to know."

senor fuerte said...

Funny thing: asking price for Morris Frye's house is $2.3 million. To get his Ferrari, you'd have to spend about $5 million (and yes, I know the one in the movie was a fake.) Kinda makes the house look like a bargain, yes?

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