Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Last Supper

The other night, I watched the "Last Supper" episode of Top Chef; about two weeks ago, I read this book called Sleep Toward Heaven, some of which takes place on Death Row and features a section on inmates' final meals (I'll review the book one of these days). Needless to say, that's a lot of last supper-ing, and I got to thinking: what would I choose as my final meal?
Today, right now, I'd choose a traditional Helga family Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with giblet gravy, green beans (although my preference is a mushroom gravy-based green bean casserole, we didn't have that on turkey day very often), and plate after plate of cornbread dressing. I would make sure to have the family favorite Styrofoam Pie (chocolate mousse filling in a meringue crust, amazing), but I'd also like a hot apple crisp and a dish of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. I can't think of any meal I'd like better than this one, but in the next breath, I think I'd like to have a hamburger right off the grill, with cheese, mustard, ketchup, onion and lots of pickle, and seasoned fries and an icy cold root beer. Maybe it depends on what time of year I get to eat my final meal.
I can't believe those schlubs on Top Chef - really? A roast chicken? Shrimp scampi? Seems weak, if you ask me. But I probably shouldn't blog while I'm hungry.

So tell me - what would you choose?

Thanksgiving dinner - A- (points off for doing the dishes)


Viejo Fuerte said...

Thank you. I can almost taste that meal. I can do it all except the styrofoam pie. I have searched every recipe box and file here, but I can't find it. I'm afraid it is lost somewhere in time. I wish I could more original, but I have to agree with you, our traditional Thanksgiving meal would be my request for my last meal. I love you.

Anonymous said...

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Chargenda said...

I shouldn't have read this right before lunch. I want all that! Well, I think they chose things that they grew up eating, which is why I would choose Taco Bell.

Jennifer said...

Your post was a sensory delight. I can't back you on the green bean casserole, though. That's for you.

There's a book called Last Meals you might appreciation. It's a collection of 'last meals' that famous chefs would request. It got a lot of good review attention and, like your post, is evocative. It might help you come up with another seasonal 'last meal' meal.

Senor Fuerte said...

You're dumb. The correct response is "All-you-can-eat buffet." Then you would never die.