Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cannonball Read - Book 1

Happy New Year.

I kicked off my Cannonball Read endeavor with Pirates!, a young adult novel on girl pirates in the 18th century.  It was a solid way to start the project - relatively short, somewhat frivolous, lesbian overtones, and only a couple mentions of scurvy (but no scurvy dogs).  Nancy is fleeing an arranged marriage; Minerva, a life of slavery.  They join up with a band of pirates, and yes, blood is shed, but hearts are also led to love.  Like I said, girl pirates.  They don't make out or anything, but they do bathe each other a couple times.  It was fun, not too brain-taxing, and I enjoyed it.

I wonder why Celia Rees felt the need to put an exclamation point in the title of her book.  Is Pirates! any better than Pirates?  Would readers not understand that book is in fact about pirates if the exclamation point were not presents?  Then I got to wondering: what would the titles of other solid literary works be like if they too were punctuated so emphatically?
Jane! (take your pick)

Pirates! - B+


Anonymous said...

War and Peace!

Andy said...


Interesting...I didn't know there were girl pirates. Did they have sexual harassment rules back then? Did the womenj shower seperately from the men? Did they have pay equity?


Senor Fuerte said...

100 Years of Solitude!

Senora Fuerte said...

Conversely, would the musical "Oklahoma!" be any less frontier-fun-and-violence fabulous WITHOUT it's exclamation point?