Monday, January 12, 2009

The Edies Are At It Again

Drew Barrymore. Some people love her. Some people hate her. I fall smack in the middle - but right now, I want to help her. I'm afraid that Drew is back on the sauce. Did you see her last night at the Golden Globes? Here's a review:
Beautiful dress? Check.
Phenomenal purse? Check.
Gorgeous cocktail ring? Check.

Crazy hair? CHECK.

Seriously, honey, what is this?  Are you back on the crazy train?  Please don't be on the crazy train.

And then there's THIS one:

Too whack for words.

Drew and Jessica, besties for life - D+


BBS said...

I agree . . . loved the dress, hated the hair. Thought she looked glamorous, but forgot to check the mirror before she left home or else couldn't find her comb.

Meggie Cramer said...

Is she drinking Red Bull? That's an awful idea...she may not be back on the sauce but I know from experience Red Bull can do much worse, with similar hangover affects.