Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Like The Shiny Ones

As the year draws to a close, I pause to reflect on a gift that kept on giving: my Shoe-A-Day desk calendar. When I was presented with the calendar on Christmas morning 2007, I thought, What a strange gift. I like fun shoes, but a page-a-day calendar? An interesting choice, but will it catch on?

Did it ever! The calendar is a HIT in my office! The facility manager (a burly, hooded sweatshirt-wearing, shovels-show-while-he-smokes kind of guy) comes in almost every morning to see the new day's shoe. Some days are mundane - just how many strappy black sandals does one calendar need? - while others are just ridiculous - lace-up spring-bottomed moon shoes? Really? But no matter the shoe, be it lovely or loony, a conversation was always started, and I grew a little closer to my office mates and learned something about fashion, too.

Next up: the 2009 purse-a-day calendar. I can't wait!

shoe-a-day - A

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